2013 / 11 REDCAT, Los Angeles

The Politics of Parametricism conference - with Patrik Schumacher, Reinhold Martin, Benjamin Bratton,

Christina Cogdell, Teddy Cruz, Andrés Jaque, Laura Kurgan, and others (see videos)


2011 / 03 Cal Arts, Los Angeles

Artist-Run Spaces - Panel Discussion, hosted by Kaucyila Brooke & Make the World Course Cluster


2010 / 10 Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum, Cologne

National Theatre Lagos Casino et. al. - Semi-fictional publication and installation in "Afropolis"-exhibition on

African Megacities (Download Hunter & Gatherer Leaflets on the Future of the National Theatre Lagos)


2010 / 05 Tate Modern Turbine Hall, London

Permission to Dissent - Lecture performance, projections and exhibition of visual material


2010 / 02 Irvine University Art Gallery, University of California

Dubai Squats - Architecture video in "Video Dada" exhibition


2010 / 01 Auto Italia South East, London

Towards a Zoology of Arts Spaces - Lecture performance & panel discussion


2009 / 07 Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Polar Pong Club - Design proposal for ping-pong club made of ice


2008 / 08 PAF Performing Arts Forum in St Ermes, France

PAF Tour - Lecture tour and architectural installation in reconverted monastery


2008 / 07 Miss Micks, Berlin

Meet Mix Micks - Architectural game show and panel discussion


2008 / 04 Central St. Martin's, London

Future Arts Spaces - Presentation and professionals' seminar


2008 / 01 National Theatre, London

Future Arts Spaces - Exhibition and publication of fictional architectural newspaper (download publication)


2008 / 01 Royal Institute of British Architects, London

Arts Spaces Lead Global Ecology of Ideas - 1st Prize (£5,000) in RIBA Future Arts Spaces Competition

(download publication)


2006 / 05 The Economist Building, London

"Institute of Public Affairs" - Exhibition, with support of the Contemporary Arts Society

Hunter & Gatherer

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